Thursday, December 31, 2015

[Standard] Mantis Rider and White Enchantments

This deck has turned out to be a lot of fun. It is good in Standard where most decks are creature-based. The sideboard is designed to counter non-creature decks, such as Milling decks.

In this win, I faced a lot of target destruction (and even target exile, ouch!).

Then my opponent dropped tokens and it seemed like I was going to lose.

The tide turned when my opponent did not remove my buffed Mantis Rider.

This win was part of a match I won 2-1. The loss was to a lot of Land Destruction. For the last game  I took out the two Narsets, and moved in my Negates while taking out some of the white enchantments. Haste is awesome, and here I am able to hit hard early.

My opponent wiped me out but could not remove this Mantis Rider.

Den Protector hit and my opponent failed to anticipate that I would counter their Radiant Flames for the win.

In this win I was able to take out from play threat by threat.

Here is another threat temporarily exiled. It was gg after this.

In this win my opponent was able to force me to sacrifice creatures. I took my time after these losses.

Here is another early game sacrifice.

And another target removal, this time by a Ruinous Path.

I was able to stall my opponent.

And to also use one of my white enchantments.

And another.

By now my opponent does not have an answer to a 6/7 Monastery Mentor.

And after it gets removed, I land an 8/7 Narset and attack with it for the win.