Sunday, January 3, 2016

Origins Toolkit Organized

Now that we have opened the packs and the card selections, let's organize the cards by color and as creatures and non-creatures (sorceries, instants, and enchantments).

We have a good selection of White creatures, although we have a few more 4-drops than needed. We could use a few more 1-drops and 2-drops.

We have a solid selection of White battle tricks. Divine Verdict and Celestial Flare will help us remove opposing creatures. 

We have one each of three great enchantments: Pacifism, Suspension Field and Silkwrap.

Our selection of creatures is better than usual for Blue. We can go with high flyers, that's for sure.

We have a few counterspells (could use more): Disdainful Stroke and Negate are notable. We can also return an opponent's creature with Into the Void. Anticipate  will help filter our draws.

Between Singing Bell Strike and Claustrophobia we have four cards to freeze an opponent's creatures.

Our selection of Black creatures is small yet powerful. Sengir Vampire and Nightmare are great fatties. Nightmare less so because it gets bigger with the number of Swamps, and we just don't have enough cards to pull off a mono-black selection. The two Typhoid Rats are great inclusions in a Black/Green Deathtocuh deck (for which we have a selection special to this toolkit).

We have a strong selection of Black instants and sorceries and one enchantment (Debilitating Injury). Mind Rot will force an opponent to discard, and Ultimate Price is target removal.

The Red creatures are a little limited in this selection. We will have a limited ability to build for Thopters or Minotaurs.

This is a great selection of Red sorceries. With Act of Treason we can take over an opponent creature for a single swing, and with Dragon Fodder we can drop a few tokens.

This is a great selection of instants: Temur Battle Rage will give a creature double strike in combat (as a so-called battle trick), and Wild Slash is great removal.

Our two red enchantments have their uses: Break Through the Line is good with smaller creatures, and Dragon Grip will help our big ones.

Our small Green creatures are very good. Whisperer of the Wilds will give us extra mana (otherwise known as a mana dork), Elvish Visionary gives us an extra card (a so-called can trip for that reason), and Heir of the Wilds has Deathtouch (this is a really useful creature to stall your opponent). 

We have a great selection of Green fatties.

We have one Green enchantment, and a selection of instants and sorceries. Our staples are Plummet (to take out flyers), Naturalize (to destroy artifacts and enchantments), and Titanic Growth (as a battle trick to buff of an attacking creature).

Here are images for the common artifacts and multicolored spells.