Saturday, February 6, 2016

[Standard] Lost against Hedron Alignment combo

Not Hadron, but Hedron Alignment. I am not planning to build this combo deck. The closest I will come to it is when I play against it. It is a control shell with lots of board wipes, and that means that most of my budget Johnny decks will lose often to it. Here is such a case. 

The win condition reads: "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may reveal your hand. If you do, you win the game if you own a card named Hedron Alignment in exile, in your hand, in your graveyard, and on the battlefield."

The first order of business with this deck is to remove threats.

With Dig Through Time you exile one of your Hedron Alignments.

You can then discard another Hedron Alignment (you would likely draw one with Dig Through Time). I was about to swing for 12 for the win and got wiped. This deck was well-designed.

Then use Dark Petition to tutor for another Hedron Alignment.

Cast a Hedron Alignment with the fourth one in your hand, and you win. Its that easy!