Sunday, April 24, 2016

[Standard] SOI Learner Decks in Blue/Green (Simic) and Bant

These two decks are for learning how many of the casual Investigate cards work. Both decks lose approximately 2/3 of the time, and that's why they are learner decks. Here is the Simic one.

First, a message from our sponsors, tournament practice players who use casual players as punching bags in Just for Fun. Here is a Vampire deck.

And here is a deck featuring the new Jace.

Here is a win. I landed three Erdwal Illuminators.

And could use all those clue tokens to draw extra cards.

And to play tokens generated by me sacrificing clue tokens.

In this game I got wiped out.

But then I was able to cast a flyer and hit for the win. Look at those clue tokens. My opponent gave up on this one.

Here is a game against Thopter tokens I came very close to losing.

At this stage I had no flyers and was getting drained quickly.

I was able to take out one of the tokens with this format's Naturalize, which is one mana drop heavier and generates a clue token.

My opponent played Blessed Reincarnation for a Prowess trigger.

But this move turned out as a backfire that yielded me the game. I now had a flyer.

And after cleaning out the Thopters I had enough of an advantage to go for the win. My opponent gave up but I wish they hadn't, because I will never know if I indeed could win this game.

Here is White/Blue/Green (Bant) version of the Investigate learner deck. Its a lot of fun, but it needs Tireless Tracker really bad, and also to replace some of the Investigate spells with stronger spells. Otherwise, I lose the game with a bunch of clue tokens I was unable to trigger.

Here I played against a better deck abusing Investigate. It uses Tireless Tracker and The Great Aurora. Because you get to cast all of your lands in one bang, Tireless Tracker generates as many clue tokens as you had lands to drop after The Great Aurora.

My opponent had the better creatures at the end of the game.

In this win I was able to swing with a flyer thanks to Invocation of Saint Traft. Its a great enchantment, but it should be better in Modern, where it can enchant creatures that have Hexproof.

I had this one.