Monday, August 22, 2016

Conspiracy Set Review: Conspiracy Cards

The best way I can think of getting into the flavor of this set are the conspiracy cards.

Adriana's Valor: It looks like this set will require a notes sheet to keep track of things like the name of the card that Adriana's Valor will give Indestructible to. Need to be in White for this one.
Echoing Boon: I will need to add the name this card protects to my secret notes. I guess it will read something like "Echoing Boon goes with Cardname." Does that mean that all the cards named with Hidden Agenda are secret to me and I can therefore apply the effect of any secret agenda to any of the secretly named cards? I hope so. That's the point of keeping this secret. That means that X number of Hidden Agenda cards can protect/help X number of creatures. What if I want to use X Hidden Agendas on a smaller number Y of creatures? I need to think about this. No casting cost: nice.

Assemble the Rank and Vile: Need to be in Black for this one. The Hidden Agenda cards with a color in the casting cast pose interesting color restrictions. I like that.
Emissary's Ploy: Why would you choose any number other than 1 unless you new you could drop a zero cost artifact that immediately tapped for 2 or 3 mana? It's your opening hand. The most you will have is a land? I am missing something as to why the choice would matter.

Hired Heist: Blue restriction, and an useful effect. "draw a card": I am in.
Hymn of the Wilds: No color restriction, but will need to go creature and enchantment heavy. It reads White/Green.

Hold the Perimeter: Very interesting. If you have something that can wipe for -1/-1, you are set. It requires other cards. You need to be able to deal with those Goblins easily. All you are getting is that one token. I am not seeing the net upside yet.
Incendiary Dissent: Another color restriction. It's a neat effect for red, but it doesn't read "draw a card." Any number of blockers will make this effect a dud.

Natural Unity: The counters stay turn after turn, right? It doesn't say 'at the beginning of your first combat.' If so, this is a great effect to make me be in Green.
Summoner's Bond: I can tutor any creature? I still have to pay the casting cost, but a tutor effect with no mana restriction has to be good.

Sovereign's Realm: Deep, very deep, and very Mythic. Outside the game is your entire sideboard. That means you build a deck without any basic lands? How many basic land cards can you play when you activate this card? All of them? That sounds ridiculous, and like ridiculous fun.
Weight Advantage: I will need to have a lot of creatures that are off-center with low Power and high Toughness to get this benefit. OK, I guess I need to see it in play to see the benefit, but I will likely not play it.