Sunday, September 4, 2016

[Legacy] White Humans from Innistrad Plus Plus Round 1

Very little trimming of cards that are not Human-centric or are not mono-white. White weenies is a really fun theme. You keep dropping them until they win-well, sometimes. This type of deck is very sensitive to a board wipe.

Thraben Inspector is great.

There are many low cost tappers in White, all aimed at limited. When I do the trip for 100 cards and turn this deck into a commander deck, those will all go out.

Nice swing.

That's a nice enters-the-battlefield boost.

A turn 5 win.

Ajani for the win in five turns.

The damage-limiting cards are never awesome. It's like life gain, very defensive.

Champion of the Parish is so awesome!

Odric is great here.