Sunday, August 9, 2015

[Standard] Origins Build for Blood-Cursed Knight

This one is definitely a support creature, and a very good one. I am able to gain some life from it that I can use to survive long enough to win. This deck was great 'out of the gate,' and the best one so far.

Here is a game I lost against a milling deck with a very effective alternate win condition: lots of mass removal in conjunction with Palace Siege selecting Dragons which lets my opponent gain 2 life and deal me 2 life damage every turn. There is no need for additional commentary since every turn after the first board wipe was the same: play creatures, get them removed, take damage.

Here is a game I won in which we can see how good Elspeth is in Standard, even after new cards have mostly voided the use of this planeswalker. Blood-Cursed Knight is very good support in a deck like this one full of enchantment creatures.

My opponent was able to cast solid creatures.

But it was too late since I could ping for 1 with pairs of plains and swamps using Underworld Coinsmith.

Here is another game I won. Blood-Cursed Knight and my other creatures helped be get a lot of life and also deal a lot of life. My opponent was able to stabilize at some point (turn 12). But that was too late.

Once my opponent attempted to attack, I exiled the two creatures each one with a Devouring Light. The rest is the same: Underworld Coinsmith, a definite finisher in this deck.

Here is a game I won using suspension Field early in the game. My opponent was not able to recover from this loss of momentum.

And you guessed it: Underworld Coinsmith for the win.

Here is a game I won against an aggressive Red/Green deck. My opponent did not have any flyers: Blessed Spirits for the win.

I usually have a hard time winning games against competitive builds that are being piloted in Just for Fun, yet once in a while I do beat one of these decks. Here is one of those lucky times. My opponent had a great board position, even turning their Chandra.

Blessed Spirits for the win.