Friday, August 7, 2015

Sucker Lands and the Zendikar Fetch Lands Mess

The Modern format got Modern Masters 2015, and it seems that for paper players, Modern is where former Legacy players are going. Maybe this is also true online. Now with the news that the Zendikar fetchlands will not be reprinted in Battle for Zendikar, the price of those cards has begun a huge increase. Here are the online prices (thanks to MTGGoldfish for such an awesome site, check them out: )

Here is what happened yesterday.

This is what happened today. It seems that the rush to buy slowed down a little.

Modern seems to be the new Legacy as far as entry cost is concerned, minus the color imbalance (blue is the color of Legacy) and the long list of very broken cards. I am disappointed that the Zendikar fetchlands will not be reprinted in Battle for Zendikar, but I understand that Wizards may need those lands to sell some other product and they already have enough cards they feel will sell Battle for Zendikar-allies, full art lands, new rare lands (which I am calling sucker lands because every time I pull one I will feel like I should have pulled a Zendikar fetchland).

I am glad we have the allied color fetches.

September 3 update: the Sucker Lands seem to be getting the name Slowlands and I think it will likely stick.

September 10 update: Tangolands is another name I have seen been used. In time a specific name will stick. I like Suckerlands, but no one seems to be calling them that.

October 10 update: seeing the mana bases in the first batch of BFZ standard (follow this link to the first of three articles net decking this large batch of decks), I guess I do see why the Zendikar fetchlands will likely not be in Standard while the Onslaught, or allied color fetchlands are in that format. Easy access to all colors makes everyone build the same deck, and that is no fun. I think I now understand why Wizards made the right decision by not having all ten fetchlands in the same Standard format.