Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Esper Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

This is the last of my casual decks just before Gatecrash arrives. It is most casual...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Naya Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

I am really getting into casual Naya. I hope I pull some nice Boros cards for Gatecrash to fine tune this casual deck.

Here is a game I just played. My opponent used Garruk's Packleader to almost win.

Here I drop my first Sphere of Safety.

I capture Garruk's Packleader with my first Oblivion Ring.

My opponent drops their first of two of Moldgraf Monstrosity, 8/8 fatty.

I hit hard with a loaded up Ethereal Armor on Timberland Ranger, taking out one Moldgraf Monstrosity.

I O-ring the second Moldgraf Monstrosity.

My opponent gains some end-of-game life with Redeemer's enter and gain life ability.

I hit with a 12/8 Timberland Ranger!

Boros Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

This casual deck is not nearly as downright terrible as my previous attempt at White Red. Gisela is very heavy and I hard-cast it seldom, but when I do....boy, it rocks.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dimir Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

I am not excited about Cipher, the Dimir ability in Gatecrash, and maybe it is because I do not yet understand this new mechanic. This deck is another casual build with an emphasis on milling.

Azorious Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

I am missing most of the Azorious bombs. This is a most casual of casual builds.

Jund Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

I put in one-drop enchantments for red, green, and black, and tried to use mana feeders in green. The mana base for this casual deck is seriously lacking.

Izzet Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

This deck is all about one-drop enchantments, Invisible Stalker and Guttersnipe.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rough Gruul Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

I love this deck in 'standard just for fun.'

Tribal: Spirits

Now that I am surveying the Champions of Kamigawa block, I have become interested in Spirits. Here are the counts for the top sets in Modern.

The Champions of Kamigawa reigns supreme when it comes to Spirits. The Innistrad block is next. The top 11 sets account for 260 of the 301 spirits in Modern (86.4 percent).

Rough Artifact-only Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

Incredibly enough, this deck sort of works.... surprising! I only have a playable one-drop artifact creature and a two-drop Defender artifact creature. If a few more one drop and two drop artifact creatures are issued in the next three sets this deck could actually work. Right now it is nothing more than a casual experiment.

Rough Orzhov Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

This deck is very unfinished. In casual play it is a bomb, but in tournament play it is a consistent loser. The deck is trying multiple strategies but does not have a finisher in any of them:

1. Play lots of enchantments leading to Sphere of Safety.
2. Cause lots of discard to play Shrieking Affliction.
3. Pack Rat (need I say more!!!).

Its a rough start all right. If I try to improve on any of these three strategies the other two become unworkable.

Rough Bant Deck in Preparation for Gatecrash

This deck is for casual play. Don't even try to play it against the tournament-quality decks! Well.... not so fast, it does survive many turns in online tournament practice. If I get to drop several enchantments including Sphere of Safety, I can last many turns.