Friday, May 18, 2018

Finally!!! (Ravnica III)

This morning, very early, I post on Reddit ahead of the announcement today by Wizards that there will be three large sets of Ravnica-themed sets beginning this fall:

"I want Return to Return to Ravnica in the Fall, three large sets. I expect Return to Theros because of the triple color creatures cycle in Dominaria.

I also want a Roman block that would go great with a Greek return set. Or a Norse Mythology block, that would be super cool. Maybe even a Three Kingdoms block.

There will be the other announcements: Commander, maybe a Masters set, some other stuff, I am sure."

Cut to the announcement.... man, is that crazy, or what?

I have built a ton of casual decks, like hundreds, on MTGO, beginning with AVR, and RTR block was the best deckbuilding block, period. Nothing compares to the ease of deckbuilding that is implicitly built into the guilds of Ravnica. And I will add that once the core set was out, the last ten sets have been really bad for casual deckbuilding, just clunky as could be. Just my opinion, I am sure I will have people disagree with me.

Core sets coupled with the guilds of Ravnica is casual deckbuilding heaven.
And I have ten fat pack boxes ready for this, one for each guild. You did it, Wizards, you finally did it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I can now make high resolution videos on YouTube (channel: TCGCasualCollector)

These are 1080p60fps, with my new camcorder. I have many more, including many playlists. I will continue to add even more videos now that I have this camcorder. I have been going through my stored cards, and also doing casual builds. Please leave me comments of what other content you would like to see. I always welcome positive criticism in order to make the videos better in the future. Thanks!

Channel link:

Here is the setup:

Here is a small sample.

Here is a playlist of why I love the core set:

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dominaria Brawl Deck: Red Green

This deck is fast and awesome out of the gate. I have even beaten one of the many competitive players doing everything they can (not on purpose, of course!) to ruin Brawl for us filthy casuals.

This deck can land fast and hit fast... after this fast start I realized that everything in the deck needs to be four converted mana cost or less.

Yeah... when it lands fast, it can be unstoppable.

Here is Fall of the Thran, a great play.

I tried hard, but there was no way to recover. I am so glad I saw it in play, and that finally someone is not playing the same deck everyone else is playing. Brawl seems like a solved format way too quickly... that's not good.

Yeah... like my casual deck had a chance.

Dominaria Commander Deck: Blue Black Green Muldrotha (Paper)

This is the paper deck, now piloted in MTGO solitaire.

This version of the deck is a little slower. The digital version has a few cards I have not pulled from paper booster packs.

Dominaria Commander Deck: Blue Black Green Muldrotha

This deck is a lot of fun. When using a single large set, there aren't enough creatures for a solid two-color deck, yet with three colors, you can make a viable deck.

I played a dozen or so solitaire decks, and the deck is very stable. I am not playing it against anyone on MTGO because I am going to lose in four turns every.single.time. MTGO commander decks are really strong. This is a casual, fun build with cards I recently pulled from just one set.

Dominaria Brawl Deck: Black Green

This one is definitely viable with a few minor changes from other sets currently in Standard. I started with almost no Blue, and as I have continued to evolve the deck, I have added more.

This was a fair loss. Muldrotha is a great Brawl commander. Even in a weak, Dominaria-only deck, it can pack a punch. Casting from the graveyard is very powerful.

I lost against a really interesting Rat Colony deck. Secret Salvage is the secret sauce for this deck.

Here is the win.

The toolbox for this deck includes stealing creatures, using the Amonkhet Gods, and using Noxious Gearhulk.

And, of course, Search for Azcanta, which must be in 50 percent of the Brawl decks I have played against.

Here is yet another board state from the fully-equipped Muldrotha deck I lost several games against.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dominaria Brawl Deck: Blue Green

This deck cannot win with cards only from Dominaria. This set does not have efficient blue flyers, and this deck needs at least one. It's here for the sake of completion.

See? No flyers.

By the way, Curator's Ward is awesome. Enchant something low power and your opponent just won't want to give you those two cards. In this game, my opponent gave me five turns before they finally let me draw the two cards!