Saturday, May 5, 2018

Dominaria Brawl Deck: White Green

I guess I am warming up the White toolbox, and I also play a lot of Green. This deck was easy to build, and easy to play.

I played against a deck that seemed to have every counter spell in Standard.

And I mean

Yet my opponent allowed this one through, and maybe it went through in between them using all their spells before this play.

There were more counter spells cast against me after that...

But I had a Serra Angel, and my opponent did not have any flyers or Reach, and even after they put my Serra Angel back in my deck, I was able to draw it again, play it, and win the game. Such a simple rule to have at least a few flyers in every deck, with the exception of a deck that is so fast, that it won't matter. Standard is too slow to go in without flyers in any deck.