Friday, October 31, 2014

RTR and M14 Redemptions Part 4

[link to previous installment]

I am indeed going to only do a single redemption of each of the four sets and an additional Return to Ravnica redemption. I am mostly a digital player after all. I still have to complete M14:

Ajani Caller of the Pride  (4.57) (3.47) (2.63)
Archangel of Thune         (16.12) (12.42) (8.50)
Garruk Caller of Beasts    (6.10) (4.89) (1.72)
Kalonian Hydra             (3.53) (3.31) (3.05)
Lifebane Zombie            (0.61) (0.23) (0.23)
Shadowborn Demon           (2.48) (1.89) (0.91)
And then there are the cards that I am interested in buying for future play:

Jace Architect of Thought    3.11
Vraska the Unseen               4.10
Blood Crypt                         1.96
Hallowed Fountain              3.50
Overgrown Tomb                3.07
Steam Vents                         7.32
Supreme Verdict                  0.69
Temple Garden                    3.15

Domri Rade                         5.61
Breeding Pool                     4.17
Godless Shrine                    2.30
Sacred Foundry                   3.36
Stomping Ground                3.97
Watery Grave                      2.91

Ral Zarek                            1.45
Master of Cruelties             0.41

Ajani Caller of the Pride    2.63
Garruk Caller of Beasts     1.72
Jace Memory Adept           1.84
Liliana of the Dark Realms 2.61

November 22, 2014 update: I opened a few packs and for the second time I pulled a Mutavault and a Scavenging Ooze. That means I can go for two redemptions of M14. Here is what I am missing:

Januay 6, 2015 update:
Still not sure of a second M14 redemption, and getting ready for third redemptions of Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash.

Deathrite Shaman             3.47
Jace, Architect of Thought   3.64
Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord     4.36
Rakdos, Lord of Riots        3.43
Rakdos's Return              2.52
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice   4.81

Aurelia's Fury               2.77
Enter the Infinite           4.00
Giant Adaphage               3.87
Lazav, Dimir Mastermind      3.74
Master Biomancer             5.14

January 31, 2015: done, will not pursue second M14 or third RTR/GTC. That means the redemptions for this block are 1 DGM, 1 M14, and 2 each of RTR and GTC.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Six Exodus booster packs online

I was hoping to pull a second Oath of Druids 'just because,' but it did not happen.

Five Exodus booster packs online

These are cheap thanks to a recent flashback draft. Pulled a few Keepers.

Here is an Oath of Ghouls.

Four Stronghold booster packs online

These are cheap thanks to a recent flashback draft. Here is an old school Mana Leak.

[Standard] Villainous Wealth 2 long games

This deck is all about surviving until you can cast the largest Villainous Wealth possible, and often you have to cast one too early just to survive, but when you cast the final one, you will likely win the game. X=10 and more make for some awesome plays.

The first game was against a mirror. Here my opponent casts one at X=4.

... and steals two of mine.... ouch! But the stolen Jace will come back to my hand ...

... by me playing one of my Jaces.

Here is me fishing out my stolen Jace.

My Villainous Wealth (I have lost two before this one). I was able to slowly wear my opponent out.

In the second game I was able to cast multiple small Villanous Wealth.

Once I got Font of Ire it was GG.

This third game was the hardest. I came very close to losing but could always send the big flyer back to my opponent's hand to buy time.

Here is my first Villainous Wealth.

Here is second first Villainous Wealth.

Here is my third Villainous Wealth. My opponent gave up.

[Standard] Villainous Wealth 2

This deck is a ton of fun but can annoy your opponents if you steal many of their good cards.

The green cards in this deck can give you an alternate win condition. I have added the longer games to the next post.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

[Modern] Hardened Scales in black green

This one worked out great. It is fast, and has a flyer that can win games.

I greatly enjoyed winning against one of my least favorite netdecks: Delver Pyromancer.

Here I survive sacrificing my critters.

If a green-based deck does not have a flyer or an easy way to remove my flyer, that in itself is a win condition for my deck here.

In this game I took out Thragtusk, then...

I survived a Planar Cleansing, and then ...

I won. Wolfir Silverheart has to be my favorite critter after Grave Titan.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

[Modern] Hardened Scales in red green

This version is fairly resilient, and Lightning Bolt wins some of the games, but it is a little clunky still, even after several variations.

Here I survive a Wrath of God.

Lightning Bolt for the win (FTW)

Win against a Relentless Rats deck.

Win against an indestructible artifact deck thanks to having a flyer. I got hit by Cyclonic Rift but survived it.

Soulbonded Chandra's Phoenix for the win.