Saturday, September 27, 2014

[Standard] Green Devotion

I take a few weeks after a set comes out to make significant buys of the new cards. In order to play Standard, I need a deck that does well with all the old cards, and against the new cards. I think this deck has a chance. Nykthos is in the deck as a play set, of course.

Here are some games.

Seven booster packs of Exodus online

You may think this is silly, but the Exodus set symbol is my favorite one. I completed a playset of Price of  Progress with these pulls.

Four booster packs of Stronghold online

Nice pulls (Mox Diamond and old frame Mana Leak)

Monday, September 22, 2014

[Legacy] Another Future Sight JTMS Combo Deck

I am sure my opponents in the small community that is Legacy Just for Fun (all four of them...just kidding!) are sick and tired of my Future Sight JTMS combos, but I am definitely not.

My opponent gave up at some point in the game shown below.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

[Legacy] Red Devotion Goblin Deck

Very fast decks, and mono-red, or RDW (Red Deck Wins), annoy many players. I played this deck just enough to optimize it, but no more, since I am not a fan of playing very quick RDW games, either by playing RDW, or by playing against RDW. I could optimize this deck a lot more, but I don't want to alienate the three people who play Legacy Just for Fun. (Just kidding, but not really kidding, after 50 or so games, you begin to recognize usernames with such a small pool of players.) The deck is too fast for a four drop artifact....

Here is a game against an Ensnaring Bridge-Isochron Scepter deck. If you can't destroy both of these artifacts, you can't win, especially when the card that Isochron Scepter is playing is Lightning Bolt, and the critter on the board is the Izzet guildmage from Ravnica: City of Guilds, and the guildmage copies Lightning Bolt: a sick combo.

And then there are the matchups where by turn 5 I am ready to deploy an invincible army of Goblins. Those games are not that much fun, and I shy away from playing RDW for that reason. Also, RDW tends to be a linear strategy and gets boring really quickly.

[Legacy] Black Devotion Fun Deck

This deck is a ton of fun. The games are close, and sometimes I even win against decks with Legacy staples, and I am basically playing none of the Legacy staples in this deck.

Here Grave Titan is doing his thing.

My opponent had an unblockable critter and I lost a close game.

Here I lose against a well-built reanimator deck.


Underworld Dreams can win a game.

Here is Grave Titan again doing his thing.

[Legacy] White Devotion mostly Human deck

This deck is similar to the Duel Decks I recently recreated (Elves, Goblins).

Here is a close loss against RDW (Red Deck Wins, or Burn).

Vintage Masters Part 7: Cheap Buys

[link to final lottery and beginning of final buys]

Additional buys for commons and uncommons continued: