Friday, September 12, 2014

Khans of Tarkir Noteworthy Cards

Most for constructed, some for limited.

Abzan Battle Priest 4 drop Outlast
Abzan Falconer 3 drop Outlast
Ainok Bond-Kin 2 drop Outlast
Dazzling Ramparts 0/7 wall (tapper)
High Sentinels of Arashin 4 drop Outlast lord
End Hostilities 5 drop Wrath
Herald of Anafenza 1-drop chase rare Outlast
Suspension Field O-ring for fatties and walls
Wingmate Roc 5 drop that drops a 3/4 token

Clever Impersonator 4 drop non-land permanent clone
Monastery Flock 0/5 3 drop flying wall
Dig Through Time Delve filter-super-Scry
Taigam's Scheming  2-drop sorcery  top 5 cards
Icy Blast X tapper
Pearl Lake Ancient uncounterable drop finisher
Quiet Contemplation enchatment tapper

Bitter Revelation 4 drop sorcery top 4 cards
Disowned Ancestor 1 drop 0/4 Outlast
Gurmag Swiftwing 2 drop haste critter
Mer-Ek Nightblade 4 drop Outlast deathtouch lord
Retribution of the Ancients cheap recycle of counters into target removal
Swarm of Bloodflies 5 drop flyer build around to sacs

Act of Treason (where is Fling?)
Arg Lightning versatile target burn
Burn Away 5 drop Delve hoser instant
Crater's Claws X removal/damage
Monastery Swiftspear 1 drop Prowess with Haste
Tormenting Voice 2 drop 2 card draw

Hardened Scales 1 drop double counters enchantment
Incremental Growth 5 drop rain of counters
Rattleclaw Mystic 2 drop Hierarch for RUG
Roar of Challenge deathtouch magnet
Scout the Borders 3 drop top 5
See the Unwritten 5 dop top 7 fattie
Seek the Horizon 4 drop 3 land filter
Trail of Mystery 2 drop morph mana and critter booster
Tuskguard Captain Outlast trample lord
Windstorm X drop flyer removal

Kin-Tree Invocation 2 colors X/X creature token
Secret Plans 2 colors Morph deck mega-draw
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant 3 colors (ouch) BUG lord
Villainous Wealth 3 colors (ouch) still very powerful end of game
Sultai Ascendancy 3 colors (ouch) +1 from Jace Guildpact
Surrak Dragonclaw 3 colors (ouch) RUG lord "can't be countered"
Temur Ascendancy 3 colors (ouch) Haste and late game card draw
Utter End 2 colors 4 drop can exile nonland permanent

Altar of the Brood 1 drop mill for spell dropping
Cranial Archive 2 drop Delve hoser
Ghostfire Blade cheap equip in monocolor
Heart-Piercer Bow cheap pinger
Lens of Clarity 1 drop Morph hoser
Ugin's Nexus 5 drop extra turn hoser