Saturday, August 24, 2013

M14 Deck: Monowhite Lifegain

This deck uses the same concepts, and even shares at least a few cards, with the Modern deck Soul Sisters. Because it is Standard Constructed it is no where near as powerful as Soul Sisters, yet it can be played in Tournament Practice.

M14 Deck: Milling in Green and Blue

This deck has 9 Forests and 12 Islands. It needs a few additional substitutions, but I am moving on to the more traditional Dimir milling, for which the current standard constructed format has a better selection. Ramping to an early drop of Traumatize is definitely a lot of fun!

[Modern] Soul Sisters: the cards

Here are the cards based on the MTG salvation page dedicated to this deck. In bold are cards I already have.

card color
chalice of life A
grafdigger's cage A
ajani's pridemate 4 m11 W
aven mindcensor 4 future sight W
brave the elements 4 m14 W
honor of the pure 4 m11 or m12 same W
martyr of sands 4 coldsnap W
oblivion ring W
path to exile 4 conflux then mm W
ranger of eos 4 shards of alara W
rest in peace W
serra ascendant  4 m11 W
soul warden 4 m10 W
soul's attendant 4 roe W
spectral procession 4 shadowmoor W
squadron hawk 4 m11 W
stony silence W
suppression field ravnica W
immortal servitude W/B
sundering growth W/G

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ravnica Block Uncommons Checklist

This list includes the split cards I showed here in January. Here is Ravnica: City of Guilds.

Here is Gatecrash.

And here is Dissension.

I love the design of Goblin Flectomancer.

Ravnica Block Uncommons: Artifacts and Lands selection

Here they are in no particular order.

Ravnica Block Uncommons: Multicolored selection

Here they are in no particular order.