Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Netdecking M19 Standard: MTGO League July 16

Taken as a list with one copy of the cards found in all of the decks for this event, it's like a super strong set. Here is the TappedOut cube of it:

This sample consists of 31 decks.

As singles (meaning only one of every card represented here!), these cards are valued, as of July 18, 2018, at:

TCG Player $782.74
Card Kingdom $784.17
Cardhoarder 209.28 TIX

If this was a set, it would have fifteen planeswalkers... that's a lot of planeswalkers. It would have 35 non-basic lands... that's a lot of special lands. The colors are definitely not balanced: 41 White, 33 Blue, 36 Black, 25 Red, and 37 Green.

Here are the most popular cards. I have highlighted some of the money cards.

Here are all the other cards up to those that were represented as four or more of the total cards in this sample.

I doubt I will be able to recreate any of these decks, yet I will monitor the price of these cards long enough to decide if I should. The ideal setup will be to pick 4 of the most representative of these 31 decks. We shall see... Guess how many Muldrothas are in these decks? ZERO!!!

I do see a few of Chromium.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

M19 Standard Marwyn

I continue to convert my Brawl builds to Standard builds. Here is the TappedOut list:

This was a momentum win.

Here is a 'lessons learned' loss. I seemed to be poised for a win...

...and then Guideon dropped.

And after I got rid of it, I once again seemed poised for a win.

...and then my opponent took over my strongest critter.

I had to chump block with Marwyn.

And then I top-decked lands for a few turns while my opponent drew good stuff and beat face.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Back to Standard with Valduk

Now that I have come to the realization that Brawl is, save for a miracle, dead on arrival, I am back to Standard constructed; and, what better way to do so than with my BFF Vaduk?

TappedOut list:

Here, I blasted through after undoing a possible block from Shalai with Cartouche of Zeal.

And here, I get Valduk sent back to my hand.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

M19 Commander Decks

Hope you have fun playing decks similar to these. Here is the Reddit post on which I get some helpful comments:

Here is a video in which I go over these decks:

Deck [1]: Muldrotha

Deck [2]: Arcades {Defender}

Deck [3]: Gishath {Naya Dinosaurs}

Deck [4]: Beckett Brass {Grixis Pirates}

Deck [5]: Palladia-Mors {Exert}

Deck [6]: Vaevictis {-1/-1 Counters}

Deck [7]: Jodah {Wizards}

Deck [8]: Chromium {Zombies}

Deck [9]: Surrak {Energy}

Deck [10]: Anafenza {+1/+1 Counters}

Deck [11]: Sidisi {Zombies}

M19 Commander Deck [11]: Sidisi {Zombies}

This is my play log for this deck. Here is the first version of the deck. I was also going to build a dedicated Gitrog deck, but I changed my mind. I think 11 decks is a good number, and 12 is on the other side of too many.

M19 Commander Deck [10]: Anafenza {+1/+1 Counters}

This is my play log for this deck. Here is the first version of the deck.

M19 Commander Deck [9]: Surrak {Energy}

This is my play log for this deck. Here is the first version of the deck. I think these are the best three colors for Energy.