Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Commander Muldrotha

I have rethought how to build this deck. My first time around, I did not realize that I wanted artifact creatures that I could cast with Muldrotha as a creature or as an artifact. Same deal for Enchantment Creatures. Muldrotha and Theros go really well together. Here is a list that works very well. I may make a substitution or two, yet, right now, I am very pleased with the results of solitaire testing.

I want to cast Muldrotha as soon as possible.

And I want to feed the graveyard a lot.

With Erebos, I can draw extra cards quickly. I don't even need Erebos as a creature in this deck, that's a bonus.

I can sacrifice something bigger, or I can sacrifice Strangleroot Geist and it comes right back.

Uncage the Menagerie draws me X cards at X CMC (2 for 2, 3 for 3, and so on). There is nothing wrong with netting only two two-drops, if they are the right draws at a specific point in the game.

Kefnet can attack with 7 OR MORE cards in hand, and not exactly 7. I can discard and then cast those discarded cards with Muldrotha....sweet, at least in Solitaire.

I can sacrifice Elvish Visionary and cast him again for the ETB draw.

Here I have lined up cards that I am ready to drop in my graveyard when my hand ha gotten too big at the end of the turn.

The geist comes back... nice.

This deck is intricate, and full of interesting combos. I have barely scratched the surface of how it can be played.

Tribal Counts for Brawl post M19

I posted this to reddit here:

I will be running through the more populated tribes in Brawl builds with my two favorite artifacts for this drill:

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Magic 2019 Deckbuilding Prep (YouTube)

Here is the playlist:

Here are the slides as photo albums:

Brawl Tribal (Part 1 of 2)

Brawl Tribal (Part 2 of 2)

Elder Dragons plus all other Rares and Mythic Rares (Part 3)

Build-around Strategies (Part 4)

The Limited Toolbox (Pat 5)

Modern since Magic 2013 (Summer 2012)

This is the time period that coincides with a higher level for MTG's popularity. All of these sets have affordable packs (paper), and I have a solid selection of online. These are the planeswalkers I have online today.

I have all ten guild commanders for RTR block.

I have all but one of the Theros commanders.

I also have the wedge commanders from KTK (the set).

Battle for Zendikar:

Shadows over Innistrad:





This is a solid casual selection.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dominaria Commander Deck: Blue Black Green Muldrotha (Paper)

This is the exact deck I showed in a YouTube video. The previous version had more Dominaria cards. This one uses Golgari cards from Return to Ravnica. It is still a very casual build. There are many ways to beef up this deck, at a cost. Right now this deck needs more cards to drop permanents (creatures, artifacts, enchantments) into the graveyard.

It can be a slow build-up with a poor manabase and none of the enablers coming out. And this means this deck needs more enablers and a better manabase.

If Llanowar Scout comes out with multiple lands in hand and before a turn when Muldrotha could be cast, that is a fantastic start for this deck. Add Skittering Surveyor, and you can be a roll.

Here it happened again, and I am clear to drop all my critters.

Helm of the Host on Skittering Surveyor gets me out of a mana bind quick.

Another early Muldrotha drop enabled by Llanowar Scout.

Helm of the Host on Muldrotha is something that is easy in Solitarie, and nearly impossible in a real game with real opponents.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Brawl Marwyn Elf Tribal Deck

There are barely enough elves to fill this deck, and it has too many two-drops, some of which need to be one-drops. Still, it has some really interesting interactions. I primarily wanted to test Uncage the Menagerie to figure out what the correct X value should be, and it is X=3. At that level, you are spending five mana to draw three cards. Drawing one or two-drops isn't as great, and drawing four four-drops will clog my hand in an elves deck. Now, in a Commander deck, X should be 4, 5, even 6.

The creatures are here because they are elves, and that means that some of their abilities go unused, such as Kaladesh Energy. This is a great selection to expand into a Commander deck and then have support for everything these cards can do (which is a lot!).

Here are a few solitaire screenshots showing some of the interactions. The key is to bump up Marwyn's power as much as possible to maximize the mana the card can generate. At some point, Marwyn is big enough to be a threatening attacker, though, and I will be boosting her power to attack, instead of to generate mana.

Vanquisher's Banner is awesome. It lords the elves, and draws extra cards. What's not to like, even at 5 mana?