Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Brawl Valduk (Equip, Enchant, Win)

Yeah... Valduk. What a beast!

Everyone in Brawl seems to be sporting the most pimped out, competitive deck possible, which is super lame. Valduk, though, well, it's Valduk. First game, my opponent was able to take out Valduk.

Then they were off to combo land. Once Inspiring Statuary landed on the board, it was combo time. All of their artifacts become lands, effectively. Oh, and every time they cast one of these cheap artifacts, Joihra nets them another card... combo time all right.

Then they sent Valduk back to my hand, and did more combo work.

When Locust God entered, it all got out of hand pretty quick.

Here comes triple removal.

Drawing cards drops tokens...ouch.

Swings for the win.

The rest of the games went a lot better. Here is the beginning of the second game.

Here, I take out their lone creature before hitting hard.

My opponent chokes for the 2-1 loss.

Valduk... yeah!!