Friday, June 22, 2018

Dominaria Commander Deck: Blue Black Green Muldrotha (Paper)

This is the exact deck I showed in a YouTube video. The previous version had more Dominaria cards. This one uses Golgari cards from Return to Ravnica. It is still a very casual build. There are many ways to beef up this deck, at a cost. Right now this deck needs more cards to drop permanents (creatures, artifacts, enchantments) into the graveyard.

It can be a slow build-up with a poor manabase and none of the enablers coming out. And this means this deck needs more enablers and a better manabase.

If Llanowar Scout comes out with multiple lands in hand and before a turn when Muldrotha could be cast, that is a fantastic start for this deck. Add Skittering Surveyor, and you can be a roll.

Here it happened again, and I am clear to drop all my critters.

Helm of the Host on Skittering Surveyor gets me out of a mana bind quick.

Another early Muldrotha drop enabled by Llanowar Scout.

Helm of the Host on Muldrotha is something that is easy in Solitarie, and nearly impossible in a real game with real opponents.