Monday, April 28, 2014

[Modern] White and Black Lorwyn Planeswalkers + Hellrider

I have optimized this deck some.

[Modern] Mono Black Titan

This deck is a lot of fun. Grave Titan is the expected finisher, but Essence Scatter has won me a game or two. I am running a play set of Nykthos (not shown).

Here is Essence Scatter winning me a game.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Online fun with planeswalkers

Here are the ones I am interested in playing in order of how much they cost.

chandra nalaar (lorwyn) 0.33
liliana vess (lorwyn) 1.13
sarkhan the mad 1.29
sarkhan vol 1.06
chandra the firebrand 1.75
ajani goldmane (lorwyn) 2.04

garruk wildspeaker (lorwyn) 3.27
gideon jura 3.94
elspeth tirel 2.48
jace beleren (lorwyn) 3.07
koth of the hammer 3.19

jace memory adept (rotation watch) 5.12
ajani caller of the pride
(rotation watch) 6.00

And here is $5 to trying out some of the Lorwyn planeswalkers.