Friday, June 29, 2012

ISD Block Constructed Analysis of Tournament Decks: Summary

I have taken a look at 103 tournament decks (7,725 cards including the sideboards).

The average number of lands used is 24.5.

Green (forest)  is the most common type of card used in these decks, followed by Red (mountain) and White (plains). For special lands I allocated 50 percent to one of two colors for two-color lands, and 20 percent to each color for special lands that can add to any color. Evolving Wilds stands out as the workhorse of special lands.

Here are the non-land cards ranked from most common to least common. The difference between the lands and these cards is 28 cards, and that means I dropped two or three artifacts while coming up with these numbers. This is not a big loss. The objective here is to highlight the workhorse cards.

The most commonly used cards are shown here. These 2,692 cards account for half of all of the non-land cards used in these 103 tournament decks. Most of these decks are Garruk decks.

Its no surprise that Avacyn's Pilgrim is one of the top cards: most of these decks have green cards, and many also have white cards. Avacyn's Pilgrim only costs one forest land to cast and can add one plains mana card to your mana pool.

The next batch of cards account for 31 percent of the non-land card. Add these to the previous batch and a small number of cards account for 81 percent of the non-land cards. In this second batch we find the other planeswalker to lead many of the decks: Tamiyo the Moon Sage.

 In this next batch we find cards that were used sparingly, including a handful of Mythic Rares.

These cards are found as a playset and indicate one player's choice.

...and these cards saw very  little play in such a large field of decks.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Updated my online decks

All decks are ISD block constructed.

Black Red Deck


Black White Deck


Blue Black Deck


Blue Red Deck.


Red Green Deck


White Green Deck


AVR Sealed 4-pack Deck

I am about to play...I usually get swiftly eliminated.

...and I did a poor job with this deck: not enough mana, and I played with several cards that require two of a specific mana. Oh, well, I am a beginner allright.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ISD Block online Black White deck

Same as my White Green deck, this deck is cobbled up with the best cards I have in my small selection.

ISD Block online White Green deck

The strategy for this deck can be summarized as "I don't have that many cards to play with at this moment."


I played the above deck but it turned out to be too unbalanced. Below is a more balanced white green deck I have been playing.

ISD Block current online collection

These are the cards I have online for the Innistrad Block.