Sunday, July 27, 2014

Modern Masters Completion Status Online

I am hoping that once Modern competitive season ramps down some of the staples I am missing will come down in price.

Here are all the cards I am missing, or have 1, 2, or 3 of. Some I have a playset for with cards from other printings (Path to Exile and a few others). I have Path to Exile, Muldrifter, Festering Goblin, and Lightning Helix from other printings.

Here is the alphabetical list.

Core Set Cube Online: Some Black, all Red, Green, Lands, and Artifacts

This cube includes only M10 to M15, and here are the non-commons I have 4 or more of. Can you tell I love artifacts?

Core Set Cube Online: White, Blue, and Mostly Black

This cube includes only M10 to M15, and here are the non-commons I have 4 or more of. Can you tell I have played a lot of black?

Turn to Frog

Played around with this effect as part of my M15 prep. It is a great effect in small quantities, but not great in a deck dedicated to it. It is a card disadvantage effect because first you need to turn the creature and then you need target removal to take it out. I use Curse of Death's Hold, but in Modern a five-drop enchantment is of little use.

The deck needed too much help from the usual suspects.

RTR Block and M14 Redemptions Part 2

[link to RTR Block and M14 Redemptions Part 1]

Now that I pulled a Scavenging Ooze and a Mutavault, my M14 redemption is looking a little better. I will wait a little more to buy some of these since their prices will oscillate during M15 play.

Return to Ravnica
Angel of Serenity           1.31 (1.36) (1.60) (1.13)
Jace, Architect of Thought  8.89 (7.59) (6.50) (6.40)
Sphinx's Revelation        17.67 (14.95) (14.89) (15.99)
Epic Experiment             1.21 (0.94) (1.42) (1.20)
Rakdos's Return             7.41 (3.87) (3.61) (7.99)

Obzedat, Ghost Council      4.94 (3.15) (2.98) (3.55)
Domri Rade                 15.25 (11.25) (8.00) (7.16)
Boros Recknoer              1.04 (1.24) (1.04) (0.95)
Prime Speaker Zegana        1.35 (0.81) (2.05) (2.13)

Ajani Caller of the Pride   5.00 (4.21) (4.05) (4.54)
Archangel of Thune         14.56 (11.39) (10.50) (13.25)
Chandra Pyromaster          8.76 (8.00) (8.70) (8.26)
Garruk Caller of Beasts     9.35 (5.92) (8.89) (11.36)
Primeval Bounty             5.38 (3.94) (3.00) (2.87)

I forgot I was missing a few other M14 cards.... don't know how that happened. Here is $14 to the bots just in case Domri actually goes up.

Here is the new watch list.

Return to Ravnica
Angel of Serenity           (1.02) (1.44) (1.53) (1.44)
Jace, Architect of Thought  (6.40) (7.34) (4.92) (3.45)
Sphinx's Revelation       (16.88) (14.92) (11.66) (9.37)
Rakdos's Return              (9.34) (9.12) (6.80) (5.68)

Obzedat, Ghost Council      (3.63) (3.62) (2.85) (2.85)
Prime Speaker Zegana        (2.03) (2.93) (2.87) (2.66)


Ajani Caller of the Pride   (4.56) (5.22) (4.75) (4.57)
Archangel of Thune         (15.75) (19.47) (16.84) (16.12)
Garruk Caller of Beasts    (10.81) (9.39) (6.81) (6.10)
Kalonian Hydra              (3.36) (3.16) (3.24) (3.53)
Lifebane Zombie             (2.51) (1.91) (0.83) (0.61)
Shadowborn Demon            (2.68) (4.12) (3.07) (2.48)
September 6 update: got Chandra because it is not rotating.

Here are the cards I want to have a playset of after rotation (number in parenthesis is what I have):

Cyclonic Rift (4) 0.32
Detention Sphere (5) 0.17
Supreme Verdict (3) 0.59
Witchstalker (4) 0.21

Jace, Architect of Thought (0) 3.45
Domri Rade (1) 8.00
Ral Zarek (4) 2.09
Vraska (3) 6.30

If I can, I would like to redeem two sets of RTR, and I only need 2 of:
Worldspine Wurm (2) 3.76
That means I need to replace these.

I guess I am not the only one who thinks Worldspine Wurm is awesome. I had to buy two, then one, then one to get a playset for $15, and I plan to redeem the two I previously had. This card is just awesome.

September 11 update: $25 to complete the first sets of RTR and GTC

[link to part 3]

Eight more packs of M14 online

These pulls were awesome: a Mutavault and a Scavenging Ooze, what more can I ask?

Eight packs of M14 online

These are really cheap, and I may redeem a set of M14.... I am still not sure. I pulled some rare slivers.

Free M15 sealed event online

Thanks a lot Wizards, that was awesome! I played a first great game that I won and then lost the second game. My time to do something for multiple hours is limited (no pun intended) and I withdrew after the second game. I had a lot of fun. Core sets are the best sets for limited, IMHO.

Here are the rares I pulled.

Here is the deck I played. I used the BREAD simple and it seems I am getting just a tad better at limited now that I follow it (ordered by priority, B is highest and D is lowest priority):

B are your bombs. You will need these to win the game. Soul of Theros was one of my bombs.
R is removal.
E is evasion: flyers, intimidate, deathtouch.
A is advantage, as in card advantage, such as creatures that let you draw a card when they enter the battlefield.
D is for dudes or dregs, and these are cards you have to use to have a complete deck but you would not be picking them except to fulfill the need to complete a deck.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fall set will be wedge

Although many (I did) expected a wedge block, what we are getting is a fall wedge set. That's close enough. I hope we get cards that make the wedge dragons playable. Right now, they are almost impossible to play.

Every time a set full of mana-intensive cards is announced I am happy because it is a set that will have some pearls, but a lot of cards that will prove difficult or impossible to play in Modern. I am soooo over-spent that the last thing I need right now is for a set at the level of playability of Innistrad to be announces-that would suck right now. This is the fate of most cards from Shards of Alara, Ravnica City of Guilds and Return to Ravnica. Hybrids are the exception because they are easy to play in two-color decks.

In a year's time these five terms will 'just roll off the tongue.'

WBG: Abzan (Orzhov, Golgari, Selesnya)
WUR: Jeskai (Azorius, Izzet, Boros)
UBG: Sultai (Dimir, Golgari, Simic)
WBR: Mardu (Orzhov, Rakdos, Boros)
URG: Temur (Izzet, Gruul, Simic)

Azorius, Dimir, Rakdos, Gruul, and Selesnya show up once. The other 5 guilds show up twice.