Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mirrodin Tournament Deck

I opened one of these. It contains 75 cards, and in mine there are 45 cards that are not basic lands. There are two Modern Staples, thus removed from this selection to my Modern Staples cube.

There is also a Chimney Imp, which is a great card to sniff out beginners like me: it took me a while after reading comments in Gatherer to figure out why this card is so useful: you can have an opponent's card sent back to their hand from the battlefield with a card like Vapor Snag, but if you have one of their cards sent from their hand to the top of their library, they have to draw the card again.

Here are the dual lands in this selection that are banned in Modern.

Here are the colorless cards. These can be the beginning of various decks. Unlike sets with a handful of artifacts, Mirrodin is mostly composed of artifacts. It therefore makes sense to lay down the foundation for deck building by going through the colorless artifacts. There are artifacts with colored mana in the text, and these are part of deck building by color. Here I am only referring to artifacts that are completely color-blind. Here is the only dual land in this selection that isn't banned in Modern.

I have a second Goblin War Wagon from a small selection of artifacts I bought from ebay as well. Therefore, I am starting with seven creatures. Unfortunately, Goblin War Wagon and Goblin Dirigible are neither Goblins nor playable when compared to most other cards.

The artifacts and artifact equipments give me some very playable options. Golem-Skin Gauntlents reads "for each equipment attached to it." This reads like an ability that can be used to pump up a creature well.

This is the foil card in this selection.

Here are the white cards and white-flavored artifacts. The additional +1/+1 for being equipped is a nice bonus to play Leonin Den-Guard.

Here are the blue cards and blue-flavored artifacts.

Here are the black cards.

Here are the red cards and a red-flavored artifact.

Here are the green cards and green-flavored artifacts.

Here is the insert that comes with this deck.