Monday, November 19, 2012

Mirrodin Fun Deckbuilding 3: Add Green

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I am looking at the green cards and then adding the colorless cards. Even though I am showing Leaden Myr here, it fits a deck with black. This selection is not enough by itself to build a green deck, and also not a green/colorless deck, at least with the cards I have shown so far in this deckbuilding experiment.

The creatures:

2 drop

Copper Myr [1/1 for 2 and can add green mana: keep]
Slith Predator [1/1 for 2 with trample is a solid keep]

3 drop

Elf Replica [2/2 for 3 and an destroy an enchantment: keep]
Viridian Joiner [If I can equip it to add power I can use it to mana boost]

4 drop

2 of Tel-Jilad Exile [2/3 for 4 and can be regenerated makes it OK]

5 drop

Fangren Hunter [4/4 for 5 with trample is a keeper]

6 drop

Malachite Golem [5/3 for 6 and can gain trample: keep]
Groffskithur [Interesting if had a playset, otherwise a pass because of the heavy casting cost for 3/3]

7 drop

2 of Wurmskin Forger [Can distribute counters but at a heavy cost]

8 drop

Living Hive [6/6 for 8 seems heavy but the token drops can be useful for the late game] 

I am keeping all of these sorceries (3), instants (6) and artifacts (2). I had 35 picks from the colorless and white selections.  With these I am up to 46.

For the creatures, I am keeping:

2 drop: Copper Myr and Slith Predator
3 drop: Elf Replica and Viridian Joiner
4 drop: 2 of Tel-Jilad Exile
5 drop: Fangren Hunter
6 drop: Malachite Golem
7 drop: 2 of Wurmskin Forger
8 drop: Living Hive

...for a total of 11 creatures.

With these cards I am up to 57 cards, which is above the 51 minimum for a "typical deck with 24 mana."

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