Monday, November 12, 2012

Added more online cards for ISD Block

This is part 3 of the paying saga (redemptions).

[follow this link for the last installment in this paying saga]

I paid $9 to the bots to get all of the common and uncommon for ISD block I was missing, and most of the junk rares.


Dark Ascension

Avacyn Restored

November 14, 2012: Added a few more packs. I am ready to give up on pulling the more expensive cards of Innistrad (those bots are winning....arrggh).

The RTR pulls were a little better.

December 28, 2012 Update: Paid $20 to the bots to reduce my missing cards for Innistrad to 14.

And opened two packs of Return to Ravnica. I pulled two back-to-back Dreadbores!!! Nice!!!