Friday, November 16, 2012

Tribal: Rats!

In this summary post I am tracking my progress with rats decks in three formats: Standard, Modern, and Commander.

1. The rats are by  far the most fun tribe there is in Magic. When we read the flavor text of Marrow-Gnawer (Champions of Kamigawa Legendary Rat!), it is nothing short of complete comedic genius:

" Tap, Sacrifice a Rat: Put X 1/1 black Rat creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is the number of Rats you control."

I read a comment in Gatherer about this card's ability as a Commander to generate a very large number of rat tokens, and I just had to laugh hard.

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2. I have been toying with the idea of building a bunch of decks based on the following cards for ISD+RTR Standard:

4 Drainpipe Vermin
4 Typhoid Rats
4 Ravenous Rats
4 Pack Rat

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3. This deck has done really well in tournament practice: it loses late in the game. By now almost any deck that is not a Restoration Angel/Thragtusk/Loxodon deck, or is not some type of a Geist of Saint Traft deck, or is not a Red Deck Wins (RDW) deck just does not have a chance to win. This is the nature of tournament play: a few decks take over, and all other decks run for cover! Still, I have had lots of fun playing this deck: my $15 deck against their $200 deck.

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4. Here are all the rats in the ISD Block, Magic 2013, and Return to Ravnica set.

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