Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mirrodin Fun Deckbuilding 6: Add Darksteel Blue and Colorless

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With the Darksteel Transference deck in the mix, I can now add the blue cards that came with it; and, interestingly many of these are from Mirrodin. I can also add the blue and blue-flavored artifact Mirrodin cards in the previous selection. There is only one blue instant in this selection, and that means that it is not sufficient to either build a mono-blue artifact-heavy deck nor can it be used to build a multi-colored deck. Even when splashing for blue, blue presence in a deck is all about the instants, especially for card draw (or so-called cantrips); and game slowdown.

There are 12 blue creatures, 24 artifact creatures (nice!!), 2 artifact equipment and 3 artifacts.

The Rust Elemental + sacrifice of Arcbounds is enough to run a deck given the other artifacts we have in our selection. Therefore, I think we are ready to build a colorless artifact-only deck.

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