Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mirrodin Fun Deckbuilding 2: Add White

Here is a link to the first installment, Mirrodin artifacts without mana abilities.

Here are a few white cards and white-flavored artifacts to get started with.

For the creatures:

1 drop

Leonin Elder [1/1 for 1 and it gains life from artifacts: winner]

2 drop

Auriok Bladewarden [1/1 for 2 with a counters ability I am not getting]
Leonin Den-Guard [1/3 for 2 with vigilance and +1/+1 when equipped. Great in Mirrodin]
2 of Gold Myr [1/1 for 2 is standard for an artifact creature]

3 drop

2 of Skyhunter Cub [2/2 for 3 with bonuses for equipping]
3 of Soldier Replica [1/3 for 3 with nice 3 damage to creature]

4 drop

Skyhunter Patrol [2/3 for 4 is not that great, even with first strike and flying]

6 drop

Loxodon Mender [3/3 for 6 and I can use it to regenerate an artifact of my choice...nice but too heavy]

Creature keeps:

1 drop: Leonin Elder
2 drops: Leonin Den-Guard and 2 of Gold Myr
3 drops: 2 of Skyhunter Cub and 3 of Soldier Replica

Add to colorless selection:

1-drop: Clockwork Beetle
2-drops: Myr Retriever and Alpha Myr
3-drops: Myr Adapter and Cathodion
7-drop: Myr Enforcer

Current white deck for creatures:

CMC (Converted Mana Cost) 1: 2
CMC 2: 5
CMC 3: 7
CMC 7: Myr Enforcer (Affinity)

I am up to 15 creatures and that is not enough for a white deck.I am keeping the 4 instants, 1 enchantment and 1 enchantment aura. If I add the 10 artifact equipment and 4 artifacts, the colorless and white selections add up to 35 cards. I would need 51 for a complete "typical mana count of 24" deck.

Next, here is a link where I add Green.