Sunday, June 30, 2013

Small Sample Analysis of Online Top Modern Decks

These 71 decks have 4,949 analyzable cards at a total cost of $53,917.88 using the median value from The average deck cost is $759.41. Here is the average expanded to the major types of decks present in this small sample. These online tournaments are from the last week of June 2013. Anything with Goyf is 'money' even after Modern Masters. Actually, because Modern has regained some popularity, as predicted by yours truly, with increased demand and small additional supply prices actually increase a little. What is refreshing about the format is the variety of decks (look at decks with Melira, and decks with Kiki-Jiki), and the low cost of some of them. The latter is very encouraging for the format. Goblins may become my new best friends.

Here is each card from the perspective of cost. The top five fetchlands account for 26 percent of the money pool. That is not surprising, yet remarkable..... I hope these get reprinted soon!!!

The unit price of the top cards (those costing over $10) is eye-popping for the top cards.....ouch.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tenth Edition Black Cards Online and a Rats Deck (Relentless Rats and Marrow Gnawer)

Now that I have a hoard of these on paper, I am curious how they play. Online works great for that. Here is what I got.

First deck out of the gate is a Relentless Rats deck with Marrow Gnawer from the Kamigawa block.

After a few games, this is a more optimized version of the deck. I get why Ghost Quarter is a Modern staple!

Here is a game where I put Ghost Quarter, Crypt Ghast, Go for the Throat, Relentless Rats, and my favorite artwork card Underworld Dreams to work.

My opponent used Darkblast as removal many times.

But two Underworld Dreams took care of the game in my  favor in the end!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tenth Edition Blue Cards Online

Now that I have quite the hoard of paper Tenth Edition cards, I am learning how to use the cards by buying digital copies and playing them online. Here are the cards I got from the bots for all of $3.

Here is a mono blue build only with Tenth Edition cards.

Here is a Dimir build adding Appetite for Brains to exile fatties that I know are there when I play Telepathy.

Nivix Cyclops Build Around Online

This is definitely a casual build since the card in question has Defender and can only attack when you play an instant or a sorcery. The upside though, is that you can play more than one instant or sorcery to pump Nivix Cyclops. Do it...its a lot of fun.

I also turned the Izzet deck into a Grixis deck and played my favorite Johnny card these days: Master of Cruelties. Definitely not a tournament deck, but very much a fun deck.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Packs of Modern Masters Online

The only Modern Masters that I can get at MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is online. Here are five packs. All of the paper product seems to have been scooped up by our friends the price-gouging speculators. This set cannot be redeemed, and that means that the price of the digital copy may have an entertainment value, but is only loosely connected to the price of the paper card.

Arcbound Ravager is on paper a $25 card.

Verdeloth the Ancient is the type of filler that this set has been issued with that makes the paper packs NOT be worth more than $7.

Meloku the Clouded Mirror is the type of filler that this set has been issued with that makes the paper packs NOT be worth more than $7.

Lotus Bloom is a $10 card on paper and Eternal Witness is a $4 card on paper.

Extirpate is an $8 card on paper and I pulled a second Eternal Witness.

And here are the cards I have two of (all others are singles).

June 15 update: added one more pack to make it an even six packs.

With these two additional packs I am up to eight packs. I pulled one of those Kamigawa dragons.....ouch.

I now have two or more of the following cards.

And here are the last two packs and I am done while these are for sale.

Here are the rares and mythic rares. Had a bit of the "Kamigawa Luck" but that's life.