Saturday, April 19, 2014

Journey into Nyx Play Notes

I doubt I will make the pre-release. Here are my play notes for online play. By 'all' I mean that I will likely play with all multicolored, artifacts, and lands of this set that are reasonably priced by the bots.

I am liking the uncommons in this set a lot. They feel like the Gatecrash uncommons.

aegis of the gods (2 drop) player hexproof
banishing light (3 drop) o-ring functional reprint
deicide (2 drop) God destruction, good in block and standard
eidolon of rhetoric (3 drop) Thalia
launch the fleet (1 drop) WB tokens
reprisal (2 drop) fatty removal

battlefield thaumaturge (2 drop) opposite of strive
dictate of kruphix (3 drop) draw card bonanza
polymorphous rush (3 drop) copy creature
pull from the deep (4 drop) instant+sorcery out of graveyard
riptide chimera (3 drop) return ETB enchantment to hand
sage of hours
thassa's ire (1 drop) tap untap
whitewater naiads (5 drop) unblockable creature this turn

agent of erebos (4 drop) ETB tormod's crypt
brain maggot (2 drop) temporary exiler
dictate of erebos (5 drop) sacrificer
felhide petrifier (3 drop) minotaur
gnarled scarhide (1 drop) minotaur
king macar
master of the feast
ritual of the returned (4 drop) x/x Zombie
squelching leeches (4 drop) x/x swamps
tormented thought (3 drop) discarder

eidolon of the great revel (2 drop) RDW slowdown
harness by force (3 drop) act of treason
knowledge and power (5 drop) scry mischief late game
prophetic flamespeaker (3 drop) play your exiled card
twinflame (2 drop) haste then exile token

basara tower archer (2 drop) devotion hexproof
consign to dust (3 drop) serial naturalize
eidolon of blossoms (4 drop) cantrip
golden hind (2 drop) mana dork
kruphyx's insight (3 drop) block enchantment fetcher
nessian game wardern (5 drop) top deck tutor
pheres-band warchief (4 drop) centaur lord
reviving melody (3 drop) graveyard to hand
setesan tactics (2 drop) odric technique
solidarity of heroes (2 drop) wow! double counters
strength from the fallen (2 drop)

all multicolored

all artifacts

all lands