Wednesday, July 11, 2018

M19 Commander Decks

Hope you have fun playing decks similar to these. Here is the Reddit post on which I get some helpful comments:

Here is a video in which I go over these decks:

Deck [1]: Muldrotha

Deck [2]: Arcades {Defender}

Deck [3]: Gishath {Naya Dinosaurs}

Deck [4]: Beckett Brass {Grixis Pirates}

Deck [5]: Palladia-Mors {Exert}

Deck [6]: Vaevictis {-1/-1 Counters}

Deck [7]: Jodah {Wizards}

Deck [8]: Chromium {Zombies}

Deck [9]: Surrak {Energy}

Deck [10]: Anafenza {+1/+1 Counters}

Deck [11]: Sidisi {Zombies}