Friday, May 18, 2018

Finally!!! (Ravnica III)

This morning, very early, I post on Reddit ahead of the announcement today by Wizards that there will be three large sets of Ravnica-themed sets beginning this fall:

"I want Return to Return to Ravnica in the Fall, three large sets. I expect Return to Theros because of the triple color creatures cycle in Dominaria.

I also want a Roman block that would go great with a Greek return set. Or a Norse Mythology block, that would be super cool. Maybe even a Three Kingdoms block.

There will be the other announcements: Commander, maybe a Masters set, some other stuff, I am sure."

Cut to the announcement.... man, is that crazy, or what?

I have built a ton of casual decks, like hundreds, on MTGO, beginning with AVR, and RTR block was the best deckbuilding block, period. Nothing compares to the ease of deckbuilding that is implicitly built into the guilds of Ravnica. And I will add that once the core set was out, the last ten sets have been really bad for casual deckbuilding, just clunky as could be. Just my opinion, I am sure I will have people disagree with me.

Core sets coupled with the guilds of Ravnica is casual deckbuilding heaven.
And I have ten fat pack boxes ready for this, one for each guild. You did it, Wizards, you finally did it!