Sunday, August 9, 2015

[Standard] Origins Boros Build - Iroas's Champion

Name says it all: Iroas. I got to play Iroas's Champion some in this deck, but with its stats it is only a good support card, and has good-enough devotion for Iroas.

Here is a loss against an Abzan competitive deck. I hate it when people play last cycle's competitive decks in Just for Fun, yet sometimes I get lucky and beat one of these decks. Not this time! I had my opponent down to 5 but their deck had many answers.

After my flyer went hiding under their enchantment it was time for Ashen Rider and Champion of Stray Souls to combo off until I had lost a bunch of permanents, including a few lands.

This is not a good position to be in...

Here an attrition game I won against Warriors.

I slowly picked off my opponent's critters.

But those warriors kept coming.

Then I landed a Sarkhan and either hit with it flying or picked off a Warrior.

Here is a win against a mono-blue deck. My two High Sentinels of Arashin have already been sent back to my hand and one of my critters is enchanted shut.

But I had creatures coming in a good flow and my opponent did not put up enough of a fight. Maybe they didn't draw their Ensoul Artifact in time.

Here is a win against yet another mono-blue deck. 

Again, my deck just kept those creatures coming.

Here is a win against a deck playing one of the off-color Dragons. Definitely the type of deck that could only survive in Modern. I love Dragons, but not many of the casual Dragons in Dragons of Tarkir.