Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Popular Mirage Uncommons

The community rating is a very useful number from Gatherer. Here are the 18 most popular uncommons of Mirage. I would like to build a few decks around some of these just as I have been doing with the Origins multicolored uncommon cycle.

And here is the disposition for each card. Some I do not have and are expensive. I would rather wait for something like a Tempest Remastered to get these cards. Others like Pacifism and Dissipate I play with now, and then there is Dwarven Miner, easily the best land destruction card out there. I have played him, and will not play him again on account of land destruction being so unfun.

I love to open packs, even online 0's and 1's, but sometimes a set just does not have enough value per pack, the Estimated Value, or EV. Today Visions is still a good pack to pull, but that is not the case for the other two sets in Mirage block.