Monday, February 1, 2016

Eternal Masters Activity

The last time I wrote an article about Legacy and how much I wanted a Legacy Masters set to be issued online was October 5, 2014. Back then I was expecting such a set to be announced for Summer 2015. Then Modern Masters online and on paper was announced and I moved on. I was then hoping that by October 2015 a Summer 2016 Legacy Masters would be announced, but that has not happened yet.

Then I read SaffronOlive's insightful article about No Reserved List Legacy, and thought it a brilliant idea. Some are calling his format just a stronger Modern, but I beg to differ. I think No Reserved List Legacy would be a great format, and although some have said that it would just be a stronger Modern, it would also have all those thousands of Legacy cards that are fun to play, not quite competitive, and not in Modern. The list of cards in the Reserved List that come up often in Legacy tournament decks is very small, as he outlines in his article. Of course, the most important loss would be the original, or Alpha/Beta/Unlimited (ABU) dual lands.

I read a rumor on reddit that an Eternal Masters set would be announced in the next week or so. I will add more to this post if that happens, and if not, well, then I will wait another year!

I have posted to Reddit on my opinion that Legacy is a fun format and should be more popular on MTGO (Magic the Gathering Online).

February 3 update: here is a great article on Reddit that adds additional support for the need of an Eternal Masters set paper and digital.

February 10 update: nothing to see here, I am moving on. I will be playing my Legacy stash against the obligatory 12 Post decks in Just for Fun.

February 15 update: Eternal Masters officially announced for June 10, 249 cards means it likely has the mix of a core set with 15 mythics and 53 rares. It is paper and digital and does not have reserved list cards, exactly as stated in the unconfirmed rumor. Force of Will at mythic and Wasteland at rare. $10 packs means I will do same as with Modern Masters (both): 100 percent digital buys. Here is a Reddit link for the Legacy group:
I will add additional Reddit links because its fun to go back and read it much later: