Sunday, February 21, 2016

[Legacy] Future Sight Devotion to Blue Updated

I made some changes to this deck, to date, my favorite Legacy deck. I now have more flyers by switching out Wurmcoil Engine for Steel Hellkite and do more efficient Scrying thanks to Augury Owl. I also now have a Vendilion Clique and one Wasteland.

Against equally casual decks, once I land enough blue devotion and a Future Sight, its hard for me to lose.

But against juiced up decks I lose a lot. Here is a game I won from a match I lost. Once I am able to add Geist of Saint Traft to my deck, I will be in business. I decided to add white to it. Also, this deck does nothing against artifacts or enchantments or against my opponent's creatures. In mono-blue, it is in a raise to drop Stormtide Leviathan.

Link to the White/Blue version