Sunday, January 31, 2016

[Standard] Three more variations of the mono Wastes deck

This deck is still just an experiment. I have not included the money cards that make it stronger because I am either passing on them or waiting for them to be budget-friendly. Here is another variation.

Here I was able to offer up enough creatures to have them temporarily exiled.

Yet I was still able to have a dominant presence.

My opponent was able to mount a valiant rebound.

But chomp-blocking could get them only far enough before I prevailed.

I lost many games with the previous variant, especially to Zulaport Cutthroat decks. Here is the final variation with the current card selection at my disposal. It forgoes lording the artifact creatures and sticks to mana-dorking ramp and simple drops. It lacks flyers... I need to fix that. It does cleverly use Ugin's Construct because I don't have any permanents with color!

Here is a rare instance in which I outran a Zulaport Cutthroat deck.

Walker of the Wastes has trample, and that is awesome!

And, yes, there are several players testing tournament decks in Just-for-fun: no fun!

Here is yet another (a third!) variation of the mono Wastes deck.

The two most-fun games were losses, and this is when I know I am beating a dead horse. Here Omnath places 5/5 tokens with land drops.

I have a lot of power on my side at this point in the game.

But with six 5/5 tokens now, I know I am done.

In this second loss I had all of my creatures enchanted to not attack, sigh!

OK, I am done with this concept. The mono Wastes deck is a great Johnny experiment, and I am moving on.