Friday, January 15, 2016

Mirrodin-Mirrodin-Darksteel Flashback Draft No. 1

Got passed a Tooth and Nail and a Trinisphere! I won the first game, which is great given my 'always lose in limited' thing. I drafted red and green but my green selection wasn't that good as far as creatures were concerned, and I ended up trimming to just red.

Here is the deck I played. Drooling Ogre was a bad inclusion!

First game I was able to keep hitting with Slith Firewalker. 

I gained a large advantage early game.

Second game I wasn't as lucky.

My opponent had Leonin Den-Guard ready to be equipped.

We were at a standstill.

But once my opponent played equipment, it was downhill for me from thereon.


Third game I seemed to be doing well.

But the same thing happened: equipped double striker and also the Drooling Ogre mistake (mine!).

My opponent kept building a strong battlefield.

And here it is: gg.