Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oath of the Gatewatch Online Prerelease Draft

Here is my pool. I went Black/Red/Colorless, though mostly Black and Colorless.

Here is the deck I went with.

I played against a control deck.

I could swing with my flyer but my opponent was able to make many land drops while I wasn't.

And I could have done a better job picking bombs while I was picking Wastes.

By this stage in the game its pretty much gg.

Final swing.

I won the second game as a blow-out with a Sludge Crawler.

I kept winging.

Here I have it quipped and hitting for 6.

Its gg by now.

Variance is a thing, and I got really lucky with the second game.

Here are the standings after the second game in the match.

I wasn't as lucky during the third game of the match.

Eldrazi Mimic is definitely a fun creature, but its just as good as your last creature to enter the battlefield or as good as its base values.

I need to learn to pick tappers for limited. My opponent did...

I was able to remove one of my opponent's creatures, but this is not an efficient way to do that.

We took turns at swinging.

I was going to cause a discard but I miss-clicked and did not cause this discard... ouch.

Drafts are lost when the card pool is chosen. My lesson learned here is to pick some bombs and some tappers. I got too trigger-happy picking Wastes!