Tuesday, January 19, 2016

[Modern] Origins Elves Casual

I have these cards as paper cards and wanted to see how they fared online. The results were pretty good. Here is the deck.

Yeva's Foremage can pump one of my creatures.

Here I played the perfect deck to play Eyeblight Massacre against: ouch!

Here is one of those over-powered decks I hate to play against in just-for-fun. As a matter of principle, I NEVER play my Snapcaster Mages in just for fun. 

Yeva's Forcemage again.

If your opponent's creatures are all square (1/1, 2/2, etc), Gilt-Leaf Winnower can't be activated for the target kill. Here I was lucky, and I was able to trigger it.

Stab Wound can diminish a big critter, or as here, can take a small one out.

Eyeblight Assassin can remove a small creature, and the best one to remove is a mana dork.

Llanowar Empath's scry 2 is great for a common.

The deck has a playset of Deadbridge Shaman, another solid common.

Here I pumped an Elvish Visionary with Might of the Masses.

Early game Thornbow Archer can net you an extra point in an  empty field.

It seemed like a waste of Might of the Masses when I only had one creature, but it did the job.

The deck has enough Forests for a single Nissa's Pilgrimage.

And with Mortuary Mire I can get one of my creatures out of the graveyard.

The best hit from this deck is Shaman of the Pack with a field full of elves.