Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Next Round of Legacy Fun Builds

Link to previous Legacy Stash post

I have 4,369 distinct cards in my Legacy stash, which includes cards in the three-set blocks from Mirage to Onslaught, cards from Vintage Masters and Tempest Remastered, and reprints of the cards in these sets found in other sets or as promos. I picked a random sample of 18 cards from this stash, which numbers 8,603 cards-some with repeats of more than 4, and will use these as seeds for casual decks. It will take me a while to play any of these decks because Legacy is pretty close to dead in Just for Fun online, but I love the format!

Here are the first 18 cards.

1. Haunting Apparition
Your opponent needs to have green creatures in their graveyard. I will pass on this one because it can only be a sideboard card.
2. Spined Sliver
Slivers... OK, let's build Legacy Slivers with this one.
3. Ghitu War Cry
Urza's Destiny Battle Surge Theme Deck
8. Femeref Healer
Mirage Ride Like the Wind Theme Deck


4. Vitalizing Cascade
5. Bog Wreckage
6. Sulam Djinn
7. Chain of Plasma
9. Horn of Greed
10. Surprise Deployment
11. Cloud Elemental
12. Marble Titan
13. Probe
14. Ivory Charm
15. Carrion Feeder
16. Battering Craghorn
17. Expendable Troops
18. Pillaging Horde

May 7, 2016 edit: this was a failed experiment. My next attempt at playing this massive stash is to build 200 card decks.