Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[Legacy] Slivers

I started this build with one of each of the Slivers in my stash, but had to cut a color and some of the fatter Slivers to make it more playable. It has a blue shell and it does not have Black. I am sure there are better builds out there. I am just having fun playing my stash.

Legacy is as good as dead in Just for Fun online. It will take me a while to play many games with this or any other casual Legacy deck! Also, its mostly 12-Post casting the big Eldrazi from Rise of the Eldrazi... Legacy online sure needs a good shot in the arm of something else!

Here is a rage quit win followed by two losses, all against 12-Post... so boring, its the deck everyone plays in Just for Fun. My opponent sure did not like Jace the Mind Sculptor (JTMS) placing their Emrakul at the bottom of their library.

in the first loss I got to appreciate the value of Accumulated Knowledge. Once you have one in your graveyard, the second one draws you two cards. In this case, I had two in my graveyard, and drew three cards.

I was able to place a Kozilek at the bottom of my opponent's library.

This deck is packing so many Oblivion Stones... not fun, so not fun. Anyways, online Legacy needs a lot of help. There is no room for casual decks. I have to pack three JTMSs just so I can get my Slivers to see some play.

Here I exile a Kozilek and All is Dust takes out my JTMS.

I love the large boards in Legacy, and this is why its my favorite format, even when its a 12-Post deck with a bunch of Oblivion Stones.

Second loss I am able to hit with Wasteland to stall my opponent multiplying their lands.

And Wasteland is what allowed me to hit for almost lethal.

But then I got hit with Oblivion Stone.... so not fun.