Thursday, August 6, 2015

Legacy Stash Online 2015

Link to previous article on Legacy Staple buys

I have written before about how awesome it would be if there was a Legacy Masters online in 2016. These days Legacy seems to be pretty much dead online, and that is a shame. I have amassed a ton of Legacy cards online and I see no prospect of getting to play them. After Vintage Masters events ended and the Flashback Draft events ended the prospects for Vintage and Legacy online look grim.

I still hold out hope that someday Legacy will be a format that is often played online! And especially by casual players like me who want to play all those cards that are NOT staples. I hope the same for Vintage as well. I made a few Legacy buys and plan to do a few more. My hope springs eternal for Legacy and Vintage online.

August 14 update:

I am currently missing all of the blue duals, which have gone down in price some since my May 2015 blog post.

Tropical Island $8.91 to $5.59
Volcanic Island $19.21 to $13.36
Underground Sea $15.51 to $11.40
Tundra $10.66 to $8.66