Sunday, August 16, 2015

[Standard] Origins Dimir - Possessed Skaab

This has been the most painful build to date for this deck-building challenge. He is an early version of the deck that was interesting, but lost almost all of the time.

Here is the final, or 'I give up!' version of this deck. A five drop that does not really help much to end the game is very difficult to play as a 4-of. I guess I could play it with a bunch of money cards I do not have, but for that I would play some other creature! 

Of the 40 or so games I played, I won something like 4. Here are two of these very lucky wins. The first one is against milling, which is very strong in the current Standard. My opponent kept taking out my creatures and instead manifesting the top card of my library. In this one instance, Possessed Skaab is what got manifested, and that turned out to be one lucky strike early in the game.

Here my opponent casts a Treasure Cruise.

I eventually got to hit for the win with my creatures.

Most of the wins, like the one I show next, were come-from-behind wins. 

I went as low as 2 life.

And then I got lucky with my counterspells and casting my creatures.