Saturday, August 8, 2015

[Standard] Origins Rakdos - Blazing Hellhound

It took many deck substitutions to get to this deck, and now it is really smooth and quite the beater in Just for Fun.

Here is a win against elves.

Shaman hits me for 7... ouch, this card wins games!

Once I play Archfiend of Depravity my opponent knows they are about to lose a bunch of their critters next turn anyways and launches a Kamikaze attack.

Flyers when my opponent does not have any.

I sacrifice the Archfiends and my Hellhound wins the game.

Here is a win against a very fast dash deck.

I took a beating and then I was able to stabilize.

I took out one of the opposing critters.

Then caused discard and took out the second critter.

Hit to 1 life.

Then use my Hellhound to score the final point (life).