Friday, May 13, 2016

I miss 8 set Standards

Remember when you could have two blocks (6 sets) and 2 core sets in Standard? Well... its in the past and I miss it. It used to be that no matter how strong specific decks were, you at least had the tools to build a deck in any one or two color combination. A 5 or 6 set standard, which is what we will have moving forward, means we are always playing what used to be the smallest Standard. I always liked 5 and 6 set Standards because I was getting into a new block, but, as a casual Johnny deck builder, I loved the summer because that's when you had the largest selection for all types of decks. I could run through all 26 combinations (5 mono-color, 10 two-color, 10-three color, and an artifact-only deck) No more....

I think Wizards needs to either increase the number of sets in Standard, OR, keep making the sets in these smaller Standards bigger. I vote for bigger sets. I love Tenth Edition and its incredible variety. Every deck I have tried recently is missing something important that is a money card that as a casual player I will not buy. In addition, some strategies don't have the key cards. For example, the Zombies deck is missing good graveyard manipulation like Unburial Rites. Its not that there is an equivalent of Unburial Rites at one more mana, its that there isn't even an Unburial Rites at one more mana, and we have one lone 1 drop Zombie. There is room for improvement in 5 to 6 set Standard.... Yes, I know, the over-costed Unburial Rites is in Eldritch Moon. But what I want is an over-costed Unburial Rites in Shadows over Innistrad that isn't the best one, and then another over-costed Unburial Rites in Eldritch Moon that is better than the SOI one. There is nothing wrong with Battlecruiser Standard, I like it a lot, but there is something wrong with 'Broken Toy' Standard, which is missing key tools for the key decks. I mean, its Innistrad, its supposed to have a really cool casual Blue/Black Zombies deck out of the gate.

There is also the issue of not-so-great color balancing. White is way strong, Green has all the card draw, and a few color pairs are stuck in 'good in Limited, bad in Constructed' mode. I say if you want to stick to 5 and 6 set Standard, expand the card pool for us bottom-feeding casual Johnny deck builders. Hey, and what happened to Red Deck Wins? Its an annoying deck, but it needs to be there.