Saturday, May 21, 2016

Legacy Goblins

Unlike the Legacy Zombies deck, in which I try to play as many different Zombies issued in those older sets as possible, this deck is optimized to highlight only the best ones, and includes some of the really strong Goblins issued during the Modern format sets era. I left some old Goblins as curiosities, but only the ones I thought were plain old good as well.

The game sample in Legacy Just for Fun sucks. I did play against some kind of a mono-blue super deck and it just had too much variance to win against my consistency. Legacy Elves and Goblins are very consistent. I played two matches and won all four games. I didn't stick around to play against one of the over-powered decks that often show up in Just for Fun. I plan to do that when more people play the format, which I hope happens when Eternal Masters releases next month.

Kyren Sniper has a nice 1 hit per upkeep damage clock.

Here I am ready to win with a field full of goblins (22 of them) and my opponent plays Evacuation against me (well played!).

Check out my 22/22 Horde of Boggarts.

My opponent plays Platinum Angel. I then tutor Arms Dealer with Goblin Matron.

My opponent could have removed my Arms Dealer, but does not, and with it I am able to take out Platinum Angel after I had already hit for lethal (-9).

Here you go: gg.

For the second game of this match, Goblin Warchief gives all Goblins haste and I also have them all buffed enough to swing for the win. Its a fast clock... its Goblins, of course, its supposed to have a fast clock.

The other match was more of the same.