Friday, May 27, 2016

Eternal Masters Set Review: Multicolored

Now, here is a range that is a brilliant idea from Wizards. Every set should have at least one card in one of the ten guilds of Ravnica, hopefully at uncommon. I have so much fun with these ranges, building deck after deck, one for each guild. Thank you, Wizards!

Armadillo Cloak: great uncommon. A classic.
Baleful Strix: another classic and a great pull out of a pack, even out of a $10 pack. "draw a card." Enough said.

Bloodbraid Elf: needs no introduction. Its a miss that Stoneforge Mystic is not in this set... for another, later Eternal Masters installment, of course. I am OK with that.
Brago, King Eternal: cool effect. Conspiracy reprint. A nice include.

Dack Fayden: great include. Hello, not-so-old friend!
Extract from Drakness: a fun uncommon. I dig that! Must build around it to see it work.

Flame-Kin Zealot: it does gain Haste, right? I need to play it to see how good it can be.
Goblin Trenches: "sacrifice a land" sounds painful.

Glare of Subdual: junk rare from Ravnica block. Many much more fun cards could have filled this slot.
Shaman of the Pack: so glad it didn't get a rarity bump. When I first saw this card in Origins, it was love at first sight. Here's a Standard deck for it:

Maelstrom Wanderer: because EDH is a thing.
Sphinx of the Steel Wind: great reanimation target.

Shardless Agent: great re-print. I want to play this bad.
Thunderclap Wyvern: solid uncommon from Origins. Flash and Flying are great. Here is a deck:

Trygon Predator: only good if your opponent is playing a very specific deck. Sideboard.
Vindicate: solid rare, want it.

Void: seems like a devastating effect if played right. I would play something else before that let me look at my opponent's deck. I want to try it.
Wee Dragonauts: a surprising reprint, and not in a positive way....why?

Deathrite Shaman: no introduction required. Broken, and awesome, just like JTMS.
Zealous Persecution: another Ravnica include. It's all-right.

Giant Solifuge and Call the Skybreaker: OK, I guess we need junk rares.

Torrent of Souls: great artwork. Heavy casting cost for Legacy. Another 5 mana reanimation card.