Friday, May 27, 2016

Eternal Masters Set Review: Red

Without a bunch of really good Goblins that I was hoping would be included, and except for some great money cards, this color feels like a missed opportunity to make a really awesome Goblin deck. Krenko, where are you?

Avarax: you need to pull more than one in Limited to make it worth it, and would play 4 in Constructed... I don't know.
Carbonize: Limited.

Battle Squadron: great with a bunch of tokens on your side of the field.
Borderland Marauder: Limited.

Bettleback Chief: tokens for Battle Squadron.
Burning Vengeance: hello, old friend!

Chain Lightning: nice include.
Desperate Ravings: more help from Innistrad block. You can tutor cards with Flashback in this Limited format.

Dragon Egg: Limited,
Crater Hellion: a solid sweeper when it enters the battlefield.

Dualcaster Mage: a Commander reprint. I would like to play it!
Faithless Looting: hello, old friend.

Firebolt: hello, old friend!
Ferven Cathar: another Limited helper from Innistrad block.

Ghitu Slinger: solid in Limited.
Flame Jab: solid in Limited.

Gamble: interesting card. I want to play it. If its a card with Flashback, its not so bad if it lands in the graveyard.
Honden of the Infinite Rage: Shrines! There isn't even a Shrines deck in Legacy! What gives?!

Keldon Champion: Another echo uncommon.
Kird Ape: a classic, and a fitting reprint.

Mogg Fanatic: core set Limited.
Keldon Marauders: solid in Red Deck Wins. A surprisingly good common in a set with so many Limited commons.

Mogg War Marshall: another token maker. Good for Limited.
Orcish Oriflamme: a nice boost for a too-heavy casting cost.

Price of Progress: very nice. A solid uncommon. I love cards that penalize players for greedy manabases.
Seismic Stomp: Limited.

Pyroblast: hello, old friend!
Reckless Charge: great card all-around. This set has great support for Red Deck Wins.

Pyrokinesis: that IS a nice effect. Part of the cycle Force of Will is in. Of course, red is NOT the color of Legacy. Still, a very nice card, and not as painful a pull as other rares in this set.
Rorix Bladewing: because every set needs a Dragon. Nice devotion!

Siege-Gang Commander: token maker, nice! A little heavy on the casting cost for Constructed, and a Limited bomb.
Stingscourger: nice battle trick in Limited.

Sulfuric Vortex: If you know you will be gaining a ton of life, or know you can burn your opponent for a lot of life, this should win you the game.
Sneak Attack: needs no introduction, and a fitting mythic. Sucks that it was not printed with its combo partner, Show and Tell, but Wizards needs to keep some value for the next Eternal Masters, and that makes sense.

Tooth and Claw: Black/Red reanimator should love this.
Undying Rage: a heavier version of Rancor. Nice effect!

Wildfire Emissary: Limited.
Worldgorger Dragon: interesting card, and another poster card for how much better creatures have gotten in the Modern era of sets.

Young Pyromancer: a great include. Very annoying to play against, and also very effective. You can even combine it with Intangible Virtue in Limited.