Saturday, May 21, 2016

Flashback Draft Time Spiral Block

I pulled a Tarmogoyf. Well, that's the great news, and the other news, as is usually the case, is that I played two drafts, and lost all four games, even one in which I cast my new 0's and 1's that I call my Tarmogoyf. Here is the selection for the first draft. I went White/Green and had lots of White flyers.

Here is the deck for the first game.

I started off well enough.

And I was hitting with flyers.

I kept attacking with flyers.

And then my opponent landed a 4/4 flyer and kept popping tokens.

The end!

 Here is the end of the second game. I got mana-screwed.

Here is the second draft. I still can't believe I pulled a Tarmogoyf!

Here is the deck I went with.

Here is the end of the first game, and I didn't catch the end of the second game, but it does not matter, because I attained my only objective, which was to have a Tarmogoyf in my collection.